CEPro | April 2015

Mark of Excellence: 8 Home Automation Devices Putting CE Pros in Control

"The Control4 HC-250 with OS 2.6 is a compact, home controller featuring IP, IR, serial and relay control capabilities, along with an updated software platform that delivers integrated access to streaming music services and pool/spa controls..."

ABC 7 | March 2015

What's Up Joey? : Smart Homes

“Let’s say you return home at 8:00 at night,” says Henry Clark, Senior Design Consultant at BrightSky Home Technology, a Sarasota-based provider of home entertainment and control systems. “You open the front door, and the system already knows from that little security contact. The air conditioning comes back down to 72. The shades may raise a little bit. The lights come on in the hallway and the kitchen. It’s part of automation.”

Smart Home Show | March 2015

Smart Home Show: Control4's Martin Plaehn

“…there’s going to be families in the future and homeowners in the future. And that’s a very big opportunity for us to just keep focused on and be the best at delivering solutions to homeowners and their families—to make their entertainment systems easier, their lighting and comfort systems intelligent and more comfortable, and make their houses safer and more secure." - Martin Plaehn, Control4 CEO.

The Telegraph | March 2015

The Ultimate High-Tech Home

“The sound system is controlled through the couple’s iPads, iPhones and the computer, but a separate system, Control4, manages the media content: two Sky boxes (so they can watch different things at the same time) and a big media server with the couple’s music and film collection.”

Ocean Home | March 2015

Cool Pool Tools

“The ability to tie pool, outdoor audio, deck lighting, and entertainment system together with the simple touch of a button is a really compelling and cool outdoor experience.”

Residential Systems | March 2015

Apple Watch: What Our Industry Can Expect

“Think about a watch that could choose a playlist based on your heart rate,” Sonnen continued, “or have a screen where you could see who is at your front door when the doorbell is rung, or just serve as the voice-activation side of your system remote. We think that in terms of integration and if these devices eventually have the voice recognition and the wireless communication speed to be as responsive as, say, your handheld Control4 system remote, then they could become truly useful for home automation..."

rAVe Publications | February, 2015

ISE 2015: Control4 Previews Control4 Thermostat’s New OS 2.7 with New Comfort Experience

Paul Williams demonstrates the new Control4 Thermostat and OS 2.7 with the new Comfort Experience. [VIDEO]

rAVe Publications | February, 2015

ISE 2015: Control4 Debuts New T3 Series of Touch Screens

Paul Williams demonstrates the new T3 Series of Touch Screens at ISE 2015. [VIDEO]

Boston Globe | January 2015

Studying up on ‘smart homes’

DeNyse also uses an iPad and software from Control4 Corp. of Salt Lake City as a master control for his home’s electronic systems ... “It’s all very cool to be able to access the house systems from our iPhones wherever we are,” DeNyse said. Besides, said DeNyse, “I’m a geek. To me, it’s a hobby.”

Technology Integrator | November 2014

An Interview with Control4 CEO Martin Plaehn: “The Connected Home is Happening”

“This year has been all about software, for us- getting our software and user experiences and personalization interaction really fluid, getting out architecture underneath- since we operate with lots and lots of different devices – getting that more modern.”

New York Post | October 2014

Luxe Listings: New York, Connecticut and Florida

“Manicured, mature landscaping frames the residence, while snazzy tech by Control4 keeps the house smart.”

TWICE | October 2014

Control4 Expands Sales Team

"Control4 has continued the expansion of its global sales team with the appointment of two regional sales managers and a new Asian Pacific managing director."

Wall Street Journal | September 2014

Control4 Introduces New Composer Express for iOS and Android to Dramatically Simplify Home Automation Installation

"Control4 solutions are designed to scale and deliver exceptional home automation experiences for installations of any size," said Martin Plaehn, Control4 Chairman and CEO.

CNBC | September 2014

Control4’s SDDP Technology Readies New Sony TVs for the Connected Home

"Sony is the first full line of automation-ready HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs to ship with Control4 SDDP, extending device interoperability in the smart and connected home."

New York Times | September 2014

Control4 Introduces Composer Express for iOS and Android to Dramatically Simplify Home Automation Installation

"Mobile app streamlines large whole-home and single-room Control4 installations, and creates a new and more efficient entry-labor model for Control4 Dealers."

HDLiving | September 2014

Control4 Eats Extra Vegetables, Intros New Operating System

"Control4 also launched at CEDIA Expo this year its new OS 2.6 software update, which includes advanced pool and spa controls (including animated icons that give instant, at-a-glance feedback about the state of your pool or spa system), enhanced security integration, and a new music interface that greatly enriches the listening experience by fully integrating the music services available on attached devices (like the aforementioned Sonos system) as if they were native Control4 apps."

CNET | September 2014

CEDIA EXPO Home Theater Round-Up [PHOTOS]

"Control4, one of the big home automation companies, was showing off one of Sony's new "home automation friendly" TVs with Control 4's Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP), which makes integration easier."

17 - CE Pro | September 2014

Control4 ‘Composer Express’ Slashes Install Time, Reduces Home Automation Costs

"Control4 is already the company for affordable home automation, but a new mobile programming platform called Composer Express makes it even cheaper and easier to sell."

Sound + Vision | September 2014

Control4 Makes Custom Composing Easier

"One significant reason why configuration time is reduced is due to the fact that Composer Express is capable of auto-integrating SDDP-enabled (Simple Device Discovery Protocol) devices into the system 'with a single touch'."

CE Pro | September 2014

CEDIA Keynote: Sony Launches Full Line of Home Automation-Ready TVs

“But the most stunning announcement is that Sony is incorporating Control4’s device discovery protocol, called SDDP, into all of its premium sets, starting today.”

Residential Systems | September 2014

Control4 Acquires Extra Vegetables

“We are extremely pleased to formally add the expertise and talent of the Extra Vegetables team to Control4,” said Eric Anderson, senior vice president, products for Control4.

CE Pro | September 2014

Control4 Acquires Extra Vegetables, Gives Drivers Away for Free

“We have made it our goal, in each product category we’re in, to make sure we’re providing the top devices and rock-solid device drivers for our dealers, so they can be confident when they’re installing products they’re just going to work.”

Luxury Portfolio International | August 2014

Technology That Will Save You Time

"The gold standard of home automation, you name it and the Control4 system does it. Your smartphone or tablet can be used as the command center for the entire home, conveniently integrating lighting, music, home theater, climate and security. Program the perfect "wake-up" setting with your favorite music, followed by a gentle opening of the shades and a brightening of the lights or impress your friends and get the hot tub bubbling with a touch of your smartphone."

USA Today | July 2014

Control4 Mobile App Now Available for Amazon Fire Phone

"The popular Control4 smart home application provides secure access and control of connected homes via the new Fire phone."

HD Living | July 2014

Control4 Announces Day-One Support for New Amazon Fire Phone

“What if I told you that you could control literally every connected electronic device in your home with it? Not just your music, but lights and thermostats and security and even your home theater system? It’s all true, thanks to the Control4 app for the Fire Phone.”

Huffington Post | July 2014

Look Inside a High Tech Smart Home

“I first met with Carley Knobloch, an HGTV Home Technology Expert to learn about how a smart home makes things easier and more efficient in a downtown LA apartment powered by Control4. Basically, everything was controlled from one interface--imagine full control over the shades, lights, TVs, and security systems from your iPad or phone!”

AOL HardWired 2.0 with iJustine | July 2014

S2:E8 | Smart Home

"The whole essence of a smart home is to make things easier and more efficient…this is the Control4 system that runs the entire house, and what's so cool is that it takes all of this computing power and puts it into that very easy to use interface."

Examiner | June 2014

REAL Audio Video, Control4, and Irontown Homes Create Home Design Genius

"The house represents the latest in construction technology and in smart home technology the marriage between the two technologies" said Paul Williams, VP of Security and Communications at Control4.

Technology.FM | May 2014

Smart Home Show #17: Control4’s Paul Williams

“Control4 helped change the face of home automation over the past decade, helping to bring a modern software-centric approach to the custom installer channel.”

CITEWorld | May 2014

How Smart Devices Can Help You Sell Your Home

“The analytics and heuristics you can get from smart devices can help real estate agents understand more about the value of that home and the areas that are being utilized by the existing homeowners…”

KAMR 4 – FOX 14 | May 2014

Smart Homes Save Money

“Imagine all your lights, thermostat, TV and music, and maybe some appliances connected to each other AND controlled from home or even while you're away…”

TopTenReviews | May 2014

Control4 Home Automation System Review

“…one of the most robust and easy-to-use intelligent home systems that we reviewed, despite its requirement for professional installation and difficulty in expansion and personalization. Control4 works with Z-Wave and ZigBee home control technologies and is well equipped for use with the KNX protocol. This system is a great choice if you're planning to remodel your home and wish to add a powerful home automation system in the process.”

Wall Street Journal | April 2014

Home Automation Tops Residential Trends

“Control4 home automation solutions and platform enables homeowners to connect a broad variety of devices and systems throughout their home and control everything from a single app via a smartphone, tablet or in-wall touch screen.”

SDM | March 2014

LILIN, Control4 Integration Provides 'Easy Access' to CCTV for Homeowners

"The strategic partnership that Control4 and LILIN share allows us to work closely together to bring together best-in-class home automation technology with best-in-class camera solutions that enhance the customer’s smart home experience and truly deliver on the promise that other manufacturers are telling the story of, yet unable to fully deliver."

CBS New York | March 2014

A Look Inside The New ‘Smart Home’

“The concept is for us to be able to take all of those elements and bring them together and control them from what we call a single interface…”

Home Theater Review | March 2014

Part One: Control4 HC-250 Control System

“Unlike your average universal remote control that's just supposed to work behind the scenes to control your equipment, a Control4 system provides an experience, uniting the control of your AV components, lighting, temperature, and other options in one clean, simple interface.”

Home Theater Review | March 2014

Part Two: Control4 Wireless Music Bridge Reviewed

“The Wireless Music Bridge is a great addition to a Control4 system, providing an easy, flexible way to integrate a variety of portable devices and expand the number of music-streaming options you can enjoy through the system.”

HomeTechTell | March 2014

What Does the Smart Home of the Future Look Like?

“The important thing is to reiterate what it means to have a truly connected home. Often consumers think that home automation is having an app that turns one light off, a different app to set your thermostat and another to arm your security system – when in fact home automation is hitting just one button that can do all of that for you.”

CNBC | February 2014

Control4 Expands Security Solutions Through Partnerships with Manufacturers of Leading Security Cameras and Network Video Recorders

“Consumers increasingly rely on surveillance cameras and NVRs to bolster the security of their homes and businesses. Integrating these security solutions into a Control4 automation system helps consumers better protect their homes and businesses by providing remote viewing of the property from any location at any time via smart connected devices, such as smartphones and tablets and the Control4 4Sight service.”

HD Living | February 2014

Home My Smart Home System Scared Off One Would-Be Burglar

“And who monitors all of that?” “I do,” I said, whipping out my iPhone, “via a secure 3G connection with bank-level security encryption. Heck, I would know if you were trying to break in before you got in the door because the system would send me a text the instant you started tampering with my Yale locks,” I said, intentionally using second-person pronoun to clue this joker into the fact that I knew he was up to no good.”

Boston Globe | February 2014

For Winter Games, Control4 Picks Gold, Silver and Bronze Ski Houses

“In the spirit of the 2014 Winter Games, Control4 has awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze monikers to three high-tech ski homes that exemplify dedication to slope-side living.”

Technology Tell | February 2014

Control4 High-Tech Escapes Make Us Dream of Cozier Winters

“…we can all dream of a cozier escape than our current digs. A place in which design and technology commingle to create the perfect atmosphere for watching the snow fall whilst sipping hot toddies. Control4 may have felt something similar when it picked its top three most idyllic winter home escapes–all featuring the company’s intuitive home automation systems–that accomplish just that.”

The Wall Street Journal | February 2014

Control4 Chosen by Toll Brothers for Home Automation

“Today's 'always-connected' consumers expect the same level of convenience and personalized control of their homes as they do of their smartphones and apps. We are thrilled to partner with Toll Brothers, a leading luxury home builder, to deliver exceptional, personalized automation experiences to new homeowners. Our jointly-defined offerings will provide new home buyers tailored choices to best integrate Control4 automation into their new home and personal lifestyle," said Martin Plaehn, Control4 chairman and CEO.”

Sound & Vision | February 2014

National Home Builder to Offer Control4 Entertainment/Automation Systems

“Under the agreement, buyers will be able to choose from several pre-configured automation packages offering intelligent lighting, smart thermostats, smart locks, multi-room audio/video solutions, and smartphone/tablet control integration. New homeowners will also have access to additional automation capabilities and products via a network of independent automation specialists trained and certified by Control4.”

CE Pro | February 2014

Control4 Announces Euro Store, 50 SDDP Cameras, LifeSize Integration

“With the vast number of surveillance cameras and two brands of NVRs now supported by our SDDP technology, which automatically identifies and loads drivers for supported IP-connected devices, we expect security automation in Control4 projects to grow even more. Our dealers will be able to integrate a broader range of security monitoring options into homes, multi-dwelling units and commercial projects.”

Bloomberg TV | January 2014

The Business of Home Automation

“The connected home, the connected consumer, is an expanding opportunity for all of us. Every device with a battery or power cord is going to be network aware, and our job at Control4 is to orchestrate connected device so they work together to improve homes and families’ lives.”

CE Pro | January 2014

Control4 CES on Home Automation Standards, DIY, Pro Install

“Even with professional installation, there’s no denying systems must be much simpler to integrate and configure if the pros are to compete with mass-market offerings. Cotnrol4 is on a mission to do just that with an initiative launched in 2012 called Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP).”

GreenTechMedia | January 2014

Google and Nest: The Big Picture for Home Automation Competitors

“That will allow homeowners to do things like link their Nest thermostats to Control4’s automation options, such as temperature settings that take daily schedules and comfort-vs.-energy efficiency options into account -- things that Nest already does, and that Control4 also does with a number of wireless thermostats available today.”

HD Living | January 2014

CES 2014: Control4 Announces New Partners in Its Quest to Make the Smart Connected Home, Smarter and More Connected

“The biggest news from the show is that Control4 has added three big manufacturers – HARMAN, Epson, and TiVo – to the list of companies whose devices support the Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP).”

Residential Systems | January 2014

Control4 Readies Homeowners for Federal Incandescent Lighting Phase Out

"...There will be a bit of time before the incandescent light bulbs completely go the way of the dinosaur, “but people need to plan, and you need a flexible product, like the Adaptive Phase Dimmer…”

SDM | January 2014

New Year, New App: 11 Home Security Apps

“Part of the newly enhanced 4Sight™ service, Anywhere Access allows a secure connection to the Control4 system via a mobile devices from virtually anywhere in the world via a 3G/4G or Internet connection.”

FOX News | December 2013

New Strides in Smart Home Technology

“One of the great things that our solution offers is a whole degree of personalization, and what we are able to do is really make the home interact with the consumer the way the consumer wants it to interact.”

HomeTechTell | December 2013

Top Tech Gifts for Seniors

"Everything from entertainment to lighting to temperature to security can be connected, and, best yet, monitored remotely. Control4′s integration with HouseLogix VoicePod allows them to speak commands like “turn on the lights” or “turn up the thermostat” and the house will respond accordingly."

Scoop San Diego | November 2013

Holiday Tech Gift Guide for the Man in Your Life

“A Control4 home automation system lets you monitor and remotely manage your home’s lighting, climate control and security from the company’s MyHome app on your smartphone or tablet from nearly anywhere in the world. When you are home, enjoy the benefits of an automated system that can control your home theater, music and intercom.”

Apartment Therapy | November 2013

6 Home Automation Hardware & App Solutions for Every Room of the House

“Like what you've read about above, but don't want multiple automation services in your home? That's where an all-in-one home automation package can be the solution. Control 4 covers an array of home tasks, including automating and monitoring lighting, temperature, and security.”

CE Pro | November 2013

Control4’s Very First Dealers: What Were They Thinking?

“In 2003, founders Will West and Eric Smith (with Mark Morgan) attempted one of the most substantial home-control launches of the generation – coming out of the gate with a full suite of products from smart thermostats to lighting controls to amps and whole-house audio/video.”

TecHome Builder | November, 2013

5 Must-have Home Technologies for Builders

"Homebuyers today enjoy smartphone apps that control virtually everything, including web cams, lighting, thermostats—even appliances. So why wouldn’t you offer smartphone or tablet control in a home? iPad or tablet control is also a great way to get prospective homebuyers jazzed about technology options—and your homes—by showing them hands-on what systems like home control, lighting control and climate control can do."

ReadWrite | November 2013

The Hub of the Connected Home Could Be in Your Living Room

“Another new product that seeks to simplify the entertainment experience is the Wireless Music Bridge from Control4. It allows a homeowner to stream music right from her mobile device to any room in the home, and unlike the Sonos system, it connects to Airplay on iOS devices or Bluetooth on Android devices.”

HD Living | October 2013

Power to the People: How Control4 Composer Home Edition Gives You More Personalized Control of Your Smart Home

“Thanks to a nifty little program called Control4 Composer Home Edition, you can enjoy all the benefits of a professionally installed, personalized control system, but still make tweaks and changes yourself – from setting up and modifying your favorite channels to managing your music collection to managing text message alerts to creating your own advanced automated events – all with a few clicks of the mouse.”

Bloomberg Businessweek | October 2013

Thieves Increasingly Foiled by Homeowners with Home Automation & Security Systems

“We all know that home break-ins and burglaries are all too common. We strive to leverage home automation in more creative ways than a simple home security monitoring system to provide homeowners with even greater knowledge and control,” says Paul Williams, Control4 VP of Security & Communications Products.

Residential Systems | October 2013

Electronic Haunted House Scares Up Fun for Charity with Control4

“In any 'haunted house' you always suspect that someone is hiding in a back room pushing buttons. In this case, that’s true. Those buttons, touchpanels and iOS apps are all integrated with a Control4 system...”

Electronic House | October 2013

Innovation House by Insidesign Showcases Control4, Wyrestorm

“Various components of the Control4 home automation system are showcased throughout the Innovation House, including the automated media room, music room, living room and kitchen.”

Electrical Construction & Maintenance | October 2013

Wireless Lighting Controls

“The Control4 Wireless Lighting family includes ambient light sensors to automatically adjust the brightness of status LEDs and button backlighting.”

Residential Systems | October 2013

Control4's New Lighting Family is its Biggest Launch in 10 Years

“Lighting control has been a key element of our business model since the very beginnings of Control4, and it represents significant revenue potential in the custom integration channel. This launch provides Control4 dealers with a comprehensive lighting control product line that is second to none.”

Home Tech Tell | October 2013

Control4 HC-250 Review, Part 3: The Expansion Begins [Video]

“I’ve written a lot about how easily expandable and scalable Control4 is, allowing you to start small with a one-room system and expand as your needs and desires grow. This was my first chance to put that to a real test in a real home, though. And I was outright shocked by how easy it was.” | October 2013

Tech Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Smarter

“Sub-Zero and Wolf, recently announced a Smart Appliance App and Smart Appliance Module that is available through Control4, a leader in affordable IP-based home control systems. The free app lets you engage in a number of services to make your kitchen like easier. Having people over for dinner? The “party” mode ramps up ice production and also lowers a home’s temperature before guests arrive. You can also raise and lower shades, adjust climate control, and monitor security cameras from a phone.”

Forbes | September 2013

Nest Labs Unlocks, Announces 3rd Party Developer Program

"I [Geoffrey Morrison] got a demo of the Nest, as controlled by a Control4 system. The result is seamless. Inputs on the Learning Thermostat get sent to the Nest cloud. The Control4 system accesses the cloud and updates its interface (and vice versa). So changing the temperature on one gets updated on the other, while still interacting with Nest’s servers so you can still get personalized monthly energy reports."

Digital Trends | September 2013

Dish Network Announces Hopper Integration with Control4 Home Automation

"Dish Network announced today its Hopper DVR system will be integrated with media distribution services from the home automation gurus at Control4, opening a virtual Pandora’s box of opportunities for home entertainment control for the Hopper."

Slash Gear | September 2013

DISH Hopper gets Control4 Integration for Smart Home

"DISH and Control4 have teamed up to integrate the Hopper HD DRV into the Control4 home automation system, spreading control of the digital video recorder across any in-wall touchscreen, remote, tablet, or smartphone used in the home. Building on DISH’s API, which the company launched back in July, the integration means that those living in a Control4-enabled smart home will be able to manage setting and playing back their recordings from third-party devices, as well as have EPG information fed into the system and displayed on other screens."

CE Pro | September 2013

Dish Shows Hopper Integration with Control4, Crestron, Savant

"Dish announced in July 2013 it would open up the API for its Hopper multiroom DVR system to select developers of mobile apps. Here at CEDIA Expo 2013, the satellite box manufacturer is demonstrating two-way integration with a Control4 home automation system. Solution includes SDDP for Control4."

TechCrunch | September 2013

Nest Labs to Open Up its Learning Thermostat to Developers

“We’ve been working with Nest to bring our customers and installers a level of integration that previously hasn’t been available with the Nest Learning Thermostat,” said Eric Anderson, senior vice president, products at Control4. “For customers, the partnership means they’ll be able to control their Nest thermostats through any Control4 interface such as a remote, touch screen or mobile app.”

Engadget | September 2013

Nest Unveils Web App Developer Program, Teams Up with Control4

"Nest won't start the program until early 2014, but it's already partnering with Control4; eventually, all of Control4's apps and remotes will commandeer Nest hardware."

The Verge | September 2013

Nest Thermostat Opens Up with New Developer Program and Control4 Integration

"Nest isn't just waiting for others to join up — it's also announcing a partnership to integrate with the popular Control4 home automation system, setting the stage for a big new push into the home market. Control4 owners will be able to control Nest thermostats through their remotes, touch screens, and mobile apps, but the Nest will still program itself automatically with tricks like auto-away and predictive scheduling, and you'll still be able to use Nest's apps."

CNET | September 2013

Nest Labs Plans Developer Program for its Smart Thermostat

"Along with the developer program, Nest announced Wednesday that home automation company Control4 will be its first partner in the program. The Salt Lake City-based company manufactures and markets home theater controllers."

Residential Systems | July 2013

Review: Control4 Wireless Music Bridge

“The WMB is the perfect example of technology neutrality. Apple, Android, Windows, Bluetooth, it doesn’t care where the music comes from or what technology was sending it. The WMB just makes it available for your listening pleasure. The iPod is dead. Long live the Wireless Music Bridge!”

Reuters | July 2013

Control4 Scores Top Marks from Esteemed A/V Reviewers for Performance and Ease-of-Use

“After a week or so of living with Control4, it stopped feeling like a ‘thing’ and became more of an invisible ecosystem. Sort of like the plumbing in the walls,” commented Dennis Burger, editor of Home Tech Tell. “Control4 has become a central nervous system for my home and is the only affordable AV control solution that makes my home theater feel less like a collection of boxes and wires, and more like a cohesive, instinctive experience.”

Newsday | July 2013

Smart Homeowners Dive into Outdoor Automation as Temperatures Rise

"Control4 automation technology allows you to have touch-of-a-button access to independent temperature controls for your pool and spa, as well as spa jets, pool lights and even the system filter pump, and since almost every device in your smart home system is connected, you can tie your pool, outdoor audio, deck lighting, and even your TVs and sound system together to create an outdoor entertaining experience that will amaze your family and guests."

Technology Integrator | July 2013

Review: Lighting the Future

"Generally speaking, although I love the look of the new lighting products, our clients are usually unfamiliar with smart home technology, and they’re just so amazed by the functionality that the aesthetics are just a bonus."

Home Theater | July 2013

Control4’s Music Bridge of the River Wi-Fi

"So far, I’ve found the Wireless Music Bridge to be unbelievably easy to use. As far as the Control4 system is concerned, the bridge simply shows up as another available source of music. With my iPhone and iPad, as well as my MacBook Air, it’s a simple matter of selecting the bridge as the AirPlay playback device."

Technology Tell | July 2013

Review: Control4 Wireless Music Bridge—More Than Meets the Eye

"...especially when you consider the fact that a Control4 home controller, Wireless Music Bridge, and all of the custom programming required to make your life so much simpler and easier doesn’t cost much more than you’d pay for a really good AV receiver."

Electronic House | July 2013

Hands On: Control4 Wireless Music Bridge

"While the Wireless Music Bridge does essentially a simple thing—connecting your smartphone media to your large A/V system, and a lot of other devices are available to do this in more basic applications, this is a first for an integrated system. More than that, it operates with the ease that owners of a professionally-programmed home automation system expect. If you’re a Control4 owner, get this. You’ll use it every day."

The Wall Street Journal | June 2013

Control4 Wireless Music Bridge Delivers Streaming Music Throughout the Home from Any Smartphone or Tablet

"With the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge, if you can listen to it from your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can listen to it in any audio zone in your home. In addition to stored music libraries, the new Control4 Wireless Music Bridge also provides a convenient path for Control4 customers to connect to streaming music services such as Pandora, Spotify, or Rdio from their personal smart devices -- all while preserving full phone and smart device browsing and app capabilities."

HGTV Remodels | June 2013

11 Smart Apps for Your Home

From security to lights to climate to entertainment, there is an app for all things home automation, allowing you to control your house whether at home or away, in real time: “Control4’s system goes beyond management of just lights and security to integrate control and monitoring of the entire home. For example, you can remotely shut down consoles if you see that your child is playing video games instead of doing his homework while you’re still at work…”

CNBC | June 2013

Smart Lighting Control—Can You Live Without It?

"Control4, a market leader in home automation systems, is introducing its next-generation of wireless lighting control that makes smart lighting easier, more elegant and accessible than ever before. With a sleek new look, an expansive slate of features, and support for virtually every type of lighting, the new Control4® Wireless Lighting solution lets homeowners add sophisticated, automated and personalized control of lights and ceiling fans to any home."

The Boston Globe, | June 2013

Keep Tabs on Your Home, No Matter How Close or Far Away You Are

"How often have you found yourself miles from home when that moment of doubt starts to creep in: 'Did I lock the door when I left?' Control4, a market leader in home automation systems, today announced that it is now offering secure access, management, and control of your Control4 home automation system with its exclusive Control4® Anywhere Access, making it easy to remotely check that you turned off the lights, armed the security system, or turned down the thermostat. Now, you can just pull out your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device, and your entire home is no further away than the palm of your hand."

HGTV Remodels | June 2013

Voice Control in the Home

It's in our cars and on our phones, now voice recognition software is making its way into our homes: “VoicePod translates commands like ‘turn on lights’ or ‘secure the house’ and sends the appropriate instructions to the Control4 system. Your vocal chords act as the remote control, allowing you to be completely hands-free.”

TWICE | June 2013

Control4 Makes Wireless Connection to Mobile Devices

“Home-automation supplier Control4 is making wireless connections to mobile devices for the first time, turning smartphones and tablets into wireless whole-home music sources for its multi-room-audio systems…The Bridge works with Control4 systems running Control4 OS 2.5, which also enables control of the company's new wireless and panelized lighting control systems.”

HGTV Remodels | June 2013

Control Systems for Every Budget

Turn off the lights or change the temperature with a remote control that suits your needs: “Like other control manufacturers, Control4 offers an app that gives you a secure 3G/4G connection to your home’s lighting, security, energy, climate, and entertainment systems via your mobile device when on the go.”

Technology Tell | May 2013

Control4 Vastly Expands and Updates its Wireless Lighting Control Lineup

"Control4 has been on a roll lately with new releases and big new updates to its home control platform, but today’s announcement tops them all. The company just took the lid off of a major new overhaul of its wireless lighting control products, with a ground-up redesign focused not only on enhanced aesthetics, but a seriously ginormous increase in the range of loads controllable entirely within the Control4 ecosystem."

CE Pro | May 2013

Control4 Launches Wireless Lighting Control Line

“We spent eight years learning a lot about lighting,” says Scott Stephenson, Control4’s senior product manager of lighting and comfort. “We have been watching the way the world is changing with LED and have incorporated everything dealers have asked for. This new Control4 Wireless Lighting is incredibly sophisticated.”

Technology Tell | April 2013

Control4 OS 2.4 Coming Tonight

“This one is huge. HYOOGE, I tell you. Not so much in the features it adds, but in the way it changes the Control4 business model altogether. Okay, there are new features, to be sure. The biggest is the addition of TuneIn right from the Control4 UI.”

New York Times | March 2013

Controlling the ‘Smart Home’ with Tablets and Smartphones

"...Fortunately, home automation technologies like lighting and climate controls have evolved in the last few years to become smarter, and more usable, in part by allowing programming from smartphones and tablets. Most now use wireless technologies so they do not require ripping out walls."

Electronic House | March 2013

Hands On: Sony STA-DA2800ES Receiver with Control4

"It’s a Trojan horse. Hidden within its metal belly is a full-fledged Control4 home automation processor. (Control4 people tell me it’s somewhere in between the HC250 and HC800 in terms of features and power.) This means that when you buy the receiver, you have in your hands not only an amplifier and signal processor, but also the means to move from a messy basket of remotes to a fully-integrated control system. Let me assure you, that’s no small thing." | March 2013

Popularity Surging for Smart-Home Technology

"Companies like Control4 offer the ability to manage your home with a universal remote that lowers the blinds, dims the lights, and turns on the music, all while beef bourguignon roasts in your smart oven for your dinner party."

Forbes | February 2013

Vegas’ Newest Five-Star Hotel

"...Our Control4 in-room system is a great example for you. Basically, you never have to leave the bed in order to get things done: You can lock your door from your remote, which is connected to Control4 through your television; you can set a schedule to open and close your curtains, and that could go together with your wakeup call. You can set the mood and choose music from whatever channel suits you best, and you can wake up to that, as well. Something else about Control4 that’s pretty amazing is that the room will actually welcome you. By using your key to open the door, music softly turns on, your sheers and curtains open so you can see the beautiful view, both during the day and at night. It’s very soft and very seamless."

Tribune Media | September 2012

Control4 Home Automation Puts Lights, Electronics, Security at Your Fingertips

"I am now controlling those two lights and kitchen lighting, all the television equipment in two rooms, music in four rooms, the heating and cooling systems, an outdoor security camera and even the front-door lock from a Control4 touch screen iPad, iPhone or Droid smartphone. While I'm away, I can adjust the temperature, even unlock the door for the pet-sitter, via the Web. And when the door-lock batteries run low, I'll get an email notification. That, my friends, is brilliant."

CNET | September 2012

Sony and Control4 Bring Home Automation to the Masses

"The promise of one remote to control an entire home is something I think a lot of people want. Including that potential in something that many people are looking to buy anyway (a receiver) is a logical step in making home automation more accessible to a wider audience."

Better Homes & Gardens, Kitchen and Bath Ideas | August 2012

Tech-Savvy Solutions: Seamless Integration

"Technology is being integrated in the planning stage so that it complements the design and enhances the job of the space…with Control4 home automation systems, it’s never been easier to manage a busy household. A single remote enables you to control music, lighting, security, and appliances."

Men’s Journal | June 2012

MJ Approved: Gear

"Just a few years ago, the term 'home automation' meant a bunch of blinking lights and a headache. But thanks to simpler interfaces and the rise of smartphones, new technology can transform your house into a safer, more comfortable, less wasteful place."

Baltimore Sun | June 2012

Style On Deck

"Give a glow to your house or landscape…for instance, press the ‘entertain’ button and the front gate lights up, or lights illuminate your plants while music plays softly through the outdoor speakers."

O Magazine | March 2012

Gadgets to Lower Energy Costs

"In addition to tracking energy consumption, this sleek system allows you to control virtually all your household electronics and lighting."

Utah Business | March 2012

Making Waves in a Growing Industry

"I advocate people to ask what they want to make happen today, this week, this month and this year," he says. "It inspires people to get up in the morning and make things happen. Don't ride waves—make waves."

Digital Trends | February 2012

High Tech and High Class: How Luxury Hotels are Embracing Technology

"...hoteliers are jumping on the control bandwagon, which is the 'wow' amenity of the moment that puts luxury hotels a cut above... A Control4 system acts as the backbone, allowing simple control with a straightforward interface."

Forbes | January 2012

5 Hotels with Top Notch Technology

"...[this] Four-Star hotel is programmed with Control4 technology that detects when you enter your room—so you'll be greeted as the lights turn on, the curtains open and the temperature adjusts. The wired rooms aren't just impressive, but also save energy for the LEED Gold-certified hotel."

Electronic House | January 2012

2 Nights at an Automated Hotel With Control4

"As I entered the room for the first time, the drapes and sheers opened, music started playing the lights gradually brightened. Was I impressed? Yes."

Wall Street Journal | December 2011

Watch Your Energy

"Control4 makes home automation systems that allow centralized and remote access to various devices and appliances."


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