Posted April 18, 2018

Alas, have you ever been to one of those psychological thriller movies where things are too perfect? The type where there’s something subtly amiss with the flawless house, town, family or friend in spite of all outward appearances? Spring is like that for a homeowner.

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Is your yard ready for your next celebration or staycation?: barbecue, barbeque, custom audio, garden array, landscaping, outdoor entertainment, outdoor speakers, property value, triad,

Is your yard ready for your next celebration or staycation?

Posted April 12, 2018

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Is your yard ready for alfresco dining, barbecues, and poolside parties? You’ll need three basic ingredients to cook up a memorable shindig; good company, good grub, and good music. But why simply settle for good music when you can have incredible, full coverage sound that is sure to get your guests groovin’?

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Solutions and Service You Can Trust: awards, ce pro, quest for quality,

Solutions and Service You Can Trust

Posted March 30, 2018

Choosing the right smart home installation and design company is the most important part of the process in building the connected home of your dreams. When it comes to the place that is the most important to you and your family, you need a team and a solution you can trust to enrich your lives and secure your most valuable assets...

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Spring Chickens: chicken, for fun, holiday,

Spring Chickens

Posted March 27, 2018

With Easter Sunday soon upon us and ads everywhere for chicks, I seem to have eggs on the brain. So it was kind of a surprise when I overhead a co-worker talking about his automated chicken coop. Say what? I’ve heard of people automating some weird things over the past years

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Can smart home technology reduce home insurance rates?: peace of mind, safety,

Can smart home technology reduce home insurance rates?

Posted March 22, 2018

...The benefits of having a smart home system installed go beyond safety and convenience. Another benefit you may not be aware of is the potential to receive home insurance discounts for installing smart home technology.

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Let the Madness Commence: for fun, march madness,

Let the Madness Commence

Posted March 12, 2018

Each year, more than 350 teams compete all season long to make it here, and each year only 68 of them do. This Tuesday, March 13, through Monday, April 2 the 2018 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship (AKA: March Madness) will be taking over the sports world for most of us. Whether you’re watching at home or while you’re pretending to work all day (sorry boss!) we know you’ll be on the edge of your seat, bracket in hand, watching as the Cinderella story teams continue to advance...

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An Emphasis on ‘Trusted’: How network certification raises the bar for smart home services: networking,

An Emphasis on ‘Trusted’: How network certification raises the bar for smart home services

Posted March 8, 2018

Finding a dealer with skills you can trust is key to enjoying a superior smart home experience. Smart home or not, any homeowner who experiences an internet outage knows what an irritating inconvenience it can be to be abruptly jolted back into the dark ages. Just about all of our modern luxuries, and even our home security systems, are now dependent on connectivity. This means that the more technology your home has, the more important it is that your network performs at its peak. But not all networks are built the same, because not all technology integrators are the same.

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Customizing the Smart Home: Putting the Power into the Homeowner's Hands:

Customizing the Smart Home: Putting the Power into the Homeowner's Hands

Posted March 6, 2018

In the past few years, we’ve seen a growing divide in the smart home market, centered around the fundamental differences between mass-market smart devices and professionally installed home automation systems. And as one-off smart devices grow smarter and more feature rich...

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Posted March 6, 2018

Homeowners everywhere are reaping the benefits of a professionally-installed smart home system coupled with the ability to do a lot of customization all on their own. Here are a few ways they are using When >> Then to personalize what happens at home.

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Home Smart Home: Spring 2018 Issue Now Available (Free Download): home smart home,

Home Smart Home: Spring 2018 Issue Now Available (Free Download)

Posted February 6, 2018

One of my oldest and fondest memories as a child took place at the theater. From the moment I stepped up to the ticket box, the distinctive smell of buttery goodness wafting through the window would remind me that for the next few hours, I’d be transported into another world...

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Three Must-Haves for an Ultimate Super Bowl Party: for fun, super bowl,

Three Must-Haves for an Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Posted January 31, 2018

Last year, Super Bowl L1 pulled in 111.9 million viewers. When the New England Patriots made their Super Bowl appearance in 2015, the record for the largest audience in TV history was set with 114.4 million viewers. Whether you're a life-long gridiron fan, you're just watching to see the latest Doritos commercial, or you’re in it to see Justin Timberlake's halftime performance, it's safe to say the odds are high that you'll be watching the big game on Sunday.

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Spec Meets Smarts: builders, designers,

Spec Meets Smarts

Posted January 29, 2018

When a speculative home spans 7,249 square feet and carries a price tag of $15 million, certain amenities are to be expected. Granite countertops-check. Marble flooring-check. Luxurious landscaping-check. But Richard Simis took luxurious living to another level by adding a full-blown, soup-to-nuts Control4 automation system...

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TOP SMART HOME TRENDS OF 2017 & “TECHSPECTATIONS” FOR 2018: mesh networking, smart home,


Posted January 24, 2018

Like any technology, smart devices designed for use in the home exist in a constant state of evolution. New developments in electronics, circuitry, and software have enabled devices to become increasingly intelligent, fast, and affordable, and to perform tasks that were once unimaginable.

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Remote Control World: 5 Must-Have Automated Home Accessories: smart home,

Remote Control World: 5 Must-Have Automated Home Accessories

Posted January 4, 2018

The home of the future has arrived, thanks in large part to state-of-the-art automation accessories. These “smart” devices can transform an ordinary house into one with improved energy efficiency, safety, and privacy (while making daily tasks a lot more convenient and fun). From controlling your home’s temperature, lighting, and security system, to making it all work together with just a simple voice command, here’s a look at five must-have smart home accessories.

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Control4 Acquires Ihiji: acquisition, networking, news,

Control4 Acquires Ihiji

Posted January 3, 2018

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we are taking another step in strengthening our networking portfolio with the acquisition of Ihiji, the award-winning provider of Invision and Service Manager. We’re also excited to add the talented team from Ihiji to the Control4 networking group—focused on combining our monitoring platforms into one and bring expanded monitoring and management capabilities to our combined dealers to better service their customers...

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Home Maintenance Tips for Every Season: home improvement,

Home Maintenance Tips for Every Season

Posted November 20, 2017

You could “spring” into frenetic activity every March or April to maintain and improve your home’s safety and appearance. Or, if you prefer a less stressful approach, consider accomplishing a few routine tasks every month for added benefits. Use the checklist of home maintenance basics below to keep your house clean, safe, and secure, as well as save on monthly utility bills.

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Posted November 8, 2017

It may have taken a while, but after researching your options from some of the world's leading smart home brands, you've finally decided that Control4 home automation system is the way to go. Now there's just one crucial question left to answer: Which Control4 dealer will you work with to supply, install, and ultimately maintain that system?

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Talking Tech with Tamera: A Celebrity Supermom with a Secret Weapon: celebrity, family, for fun, smart home,

Talking Tech with Tamera: A Celebrity Supermom with a Secret Weapon

Posted October 16, 2017

When I first heard that I’d be sitting down for a chit-chat with the lovely and talented talk show host and former Sister Sister actress, Tamera Mowry-Housley, I was a bundle of nerves and excitement. After all, I had been a huge fan of hers (and her twin sister, Tia) for many years in my adolescence. Fast-forward two decades later, and we’re sitting at her kitchen table, conversing like old friends...

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Giving “House Music” a New Meaning: home theater, multiroom audio,

Giving “House Music” a New Meaning

Posted October 2, 2017

There are a variety of ways to pipe music around the twenty-first century home. You could get a massive boombox, crank it to 11, and stand in your foyer all John Cusack Say Anything style. You could snag a bunch of cheap clock radios on Amazon, carefully tune them all to the same station and volume, and then enjoy some sweet (and nostalgic!) FM as you move about the house. You could carefully scatter Bluetooth speakers in different rooms and then play a fun little technology game called “How far is 33 feet away?” Or you could go with a professionally designed and installed audio system carefully crafted to maximize the performance for each listening area. ​If the last approach sounds like the way you like to roll, then read on to learn what kinds of primo audio experiences you can create in different areas of your home!

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Let's Get Wired!: audio/video, home automation, wiring guide,

Let's Get Wired!

Posted September 25, 2017

If you’re building a new home and your wish list includes overhead music throughout the house, distributed video in your favorite rooms, a robust networking platform to let you stream to your heart’s content, or you’re going full bore with a whole-home automation system—it’s absolutely critical that...

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How Smart Home Automation Can Increase Your Home's Property Value: home technology, real estate,

How Smart Home Automation Can Increase Your Home's Property Value

Posted September 21, 2017

From smart thermostats to automated lighting and everything in between, there's no question that innovative, Internet-enabled technology can make a home more fun, convenient and safe. What you may not know, however, is that it also represents a potentially valuable investment.

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iOS 11 Updates Affecting Legacy MyHome App for Control4 Homes:

iOS 11 Updates Affecting Legacy MyHome App for Control4 Homes

Posted September 20, 2017

Today, Apple released the latest version of Apple® iOS for iPhone and iPad. With iOS 11, Apple is ending support for 32-bit iPhone and iPad apps. For homes running Control4 OS 2.5.3 and earlier, the legacy Control4 MyHome apps (with the grey app icon) will not be able to be installed on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.

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Home Smart Home: Fall Issue Now Available (Free Download): automated life, for fun, home smart home, smart home,

Home Smart Home: Fall Issue Now Available (Free Download)

Posted September 13, 2017

In developing this issue, I quickly realized how easy it is to get swept up by the beauty and brains of these amazing homes. The stunning architectures. Insanely, innovative designs. And the “cool” elements that bring them to life. But as I sat down to chat with some of the homeowners...

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An Epic Launch at CEDIA 2017: See What's New!: home automation, smart home,

An Epic Launch at CEDIA 2017: See What's New!

Posted September 6, 2017

Every year during the CEDIA show, we launch a handful of new products and services to enthrall our dealers and customers. And this year we’re doing it like never before, announcing a slew of stuff that undoubtedly makes up our biggest launch to date. We’ve hand-picked a few of the most noteworthy to share with you here.

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Posted August 15, 2017

Recently, our very own Salt Lake City-based Control4 Technical Trainer, Jake Erickson, had the opportunity to visit a local Elementary, Falcon Ridge, to teach kids in the STEM program about smart technology. He gave them a virtual “tour” of his own smart home from his phone, demonstrating how to remotely turn on/off televisions and lights, check in on cameras, and start the music throughout the house. He also talked about the addition of voice control and the many ways you can use verbal commands to interact with your house.

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